Did you know your makeup has an expiration date? Ever notice this little symbol on your cosmetic product?


That little jar, with the number and letter- stands for PAO (Period-after-opening). Which means the product AFTER you open for the first time and it is exposed to air, has xMonths or xYears before it goes bad. I never really noticed this for the longest time, and just re-recognized it tonight when I was going through old makeup. The product shown, is the old Marc Jacobs Marvelous Mousse foundation (that I miss DEARLY and they should bring it back plz) but I’ve literally had this for maybe 2-2.5 years and the PAO was 12 months. OOPS. Time to toss it out. So keep this in mind before opening a product you aren’t planning on using in a while, because you might come back to it and find it has a gross smell, or isn’t the same consistency. You can also find this number on a lot of boxes so you can get an idea of how long it lasts before you purchase it.


**disclaimer- using an expired cosmetic isn’t necessarily going to hurt your skin, but it just won’t work as well or look as well as it would when it was fresh and newer. Also keep in mind with skincare, if you go back to use an expired item- it has probably lost its potency. I’ve also experienced expired skincare almost balling up and rolling on my skin. Yuck.

I hope some of you found this informational, thank you for reading!


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